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Take your screens to the next level

Digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Convert unused old fashioned screens and hardware to advertising or information display.

Use Medyapin easy digital signage for your business.

30-day money back guarantee

What is Medyapin?

Medyapin allows you to remotely control your TV, projector, videowall, LED display, and so on, by making instant content management from anywhere in the world. Medyapin is a professional digital signage software with all the functions you may need. It provides you integrated digital signage management with API and database connections.

Schedule quickly with pre-designed widgets

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CNN News

CNN News



Import Excel

Import Excel

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Medyapin runs on almost any media player.

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Media Manager

Stop trying SaaS! Use ßaaS!

Software+Service (ß) as a Service! You do not need to learn software, Media Manager will do it for you. Included to your screen subscription.

Visualize Data

Connect to your database and visualize important data. Monitor your data instantly with your screens.


Perfect Timing

You can increase your earnings if you deliver the deals with the right timing to your customers.

Proof of Play

Get real data and proof of play reports  for each display and design you created.


Out of home ads

Manage your digital signage operations and DOOH units.


Display your price list and delicious food to your customers.

Shopping Mall

Inform your visitors and create eye catching campaigns.

Events & Venues

Adapt your ticketing system and provide show timeline for your attendees.

Cristal Clear Content

With Medyapin, your content is published in clear and true colors. Supports all devices up to 4K resolution.

Continuous Broadcast

Even if you don’t have the Internet, your screen continues to show the latest content.

True LED Resolution

Medyapin Player can work with real LED resolution. Errors and Notifications will not be visible on your outdoor digital signage units.

Resolution Profiles

You can create custom groups for screens at different resolutions. You can make custom broadcast streams and campaigns to different resolution profiles.


Automate Your Screens

Create amazing integrations with Medyapin and any 3rd party apps by Zapier. Connect to sensors, your add exchange server etc. Medyapin provides easy programmatic digital signage solution with Zapier.

* Only for Enterprise Users

Connect 1500+ Apps to Medyapin with Zapier

Automate your screens with Zapier and connect to any 3rd party application.

7000+ screens are managed by Medyapin

Here’s what some of our happy customers had to say

Enterprise Solutions for 20+ Screens

Try Medyapin for internal communication or for you customers. We are ready to solve out all your digital signage needs including hardware and design.


€ 24

per screen per month

30-day money back guarantee

Start your subscription today!


Use 2 months free of charge on annual advance payments.

We’re Not Leaving You Alone

In case of need, the “Media Manager” will take over every task for you. Receives the contents, prepares the designs, creates the broadcast flow for the time you set. Media Manager Support is included to your subscription even for one device.


With a 50% educational discount and flexible use with any screen hardware, Medyapin remains an affordable network for schools, colleges and universities of any size.