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12 FAQs

  • How long is the trial period?

    Screen subscription is 14 days after initialization. You can access the "Display Management Dashboard" without starting a subscription, but you cannot add a screen.

  • How many screens can I add during the trial?

    You can add as many screens as you want.

  • Do you save my credit card details?

    Payments on our site are made with iyzico payment infrastructure. Your credit card is not saved on-site. In case of automatic repetitive payment, your credit card information is saved by iyzico payment system with high security. You can also make monthly payments manually. In this case, your credit card is not saved in any field.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel it from "My Subscriptions" tab on your account dashboard.

  • The designs I created appear different on the screen!

    If the designs you create look different on the screen, you are probably having problems with the minimum requirements on the Windows device.

    First, make sure that the minimum requirements in the Guide are met. If the problem persists, create a Support Request with your screen image.

  • How do I get started with Medyapin?

    Click the Try 14-Day Free button on the home page. In the form that appears, select the type of subscription you want to use and press the "Subscribe" button. Then complete the process by entering your subscription information and personal information.


  • Will the data I enter during the trial period be deleted when the trial period expires?

    No. After the subscription cancellation or suspension, the data and contents you have entered are stored for 1 month. It is then deleted automatically. Without deleting your data, you can re-activate your subscription from the Membership Panel.

  • Do i need any investment to use?

    No, you don't. You can use it with your existing equipment. 1 screen and 1 mini pc (android, windows, lg webos) will be enough. Medyapin will on the device.

  • Do I need special training to use?

    Medyapin is designed so that any internet user can easily use it intuitively. It is easy to use and the interface is simple. You can use guides and video lectures or live contact with Media Manager. We will manage everything for you included to your subscription.

  • How can I get support if needed?

    Try live communication with your Media Manager or create support ticket from your dashboard.

  • Can I use Medyapin without internet?

    Medyapin is a cloud-based software. Your screens and panel communicate over the internet. You cannot access the cloud panel from a non-internet location. If you need a 20+ screen and enterprise solution, you can host it on your own servers and run on a local network. For more information contact us at eu@medyapin.com

  • Will the screen stop broadcasting when internet connection is lost?

    No. In such cases, your screen will continue to play its last broadcast plan. Your screens will not turn off.Only you can not access your screen.