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Affordable and easy-to-manage digital signage for schools, universities & colleges

We speak to many educational institutions who believe that they can’t adopt digital signage because it is too difficult or too expensive. Medyapin was designed to help change that.

With a consumer-grade screen, cheap media device, and simple CMS that can be managed from anywhere, sending content to screens throughout your school or college is easy.


Ensure that students follow all activity and course information closely.


Key benefits of digital signage in education

  • Communicate better with students, through a medium they are accustomed to
  • Provide key information to staff
  • Share departmental social media feeds
  • Change information and add new content at any time (unlike static signs)
  • Enrich the quality of your school campus
  • Save money and time on printed notices
  • Involve students in the content creation process
  • Add news, RSS, websites, image galleries and more

Why use Medyapin for your school’s digital signage?

Medyapin is a simple-to-use software system that gives any staff member the ability to control the screen outside of their classroom door. Screens can also be managed centrally, giving you full control over your organization’s digital signage.

With a 50% educational discount and flexible use with any screen hardware, Medyapin remains an affordable network for schools, colleges and universities of any size.

Medyapin has a full widgets included in the price and the ability to add content such as image galleries, videos and web sites. This reduces the strain on marketing and IT departments, as anyone can create or utilize existing content.

As a sidenote, we love education and will always listen to and respond to your feedback. We’re interested in helping schools to embrace digital technology; not just selling our software packages.

Key Features

  • Manage all existing screens under one network
    Manage your entire school network centrally across multiple campuses or school districts. Then break down delegation to different departments with users and teams at your disposal.
  • Easy to use CMS – no training required
    Our CMS is extremely user friendly. Uploading an image is as simple as putting an image on Facebook. Adding a website takes seconds. 
  • Free apps including Google Slides, Twitter, Facebook and more
    More than 50 ready made templates that will help you to create content for your screens. From social media walls, to the world’s biggest news sources plus Google Slides and Spreadsheets, making content is a breeze.
  • Educational discount and flexible payment system
    We offer a 50% educational discount across all screens you deploy, plus an annual invoice payment option. Our system is pay as you go, so you only ever pay for active screens that are running content and you can add or remove screens at any time.

Medyapin hardware compatibility

Medyapin is compatible and can be set up in minutes on any Android TV, Windows and LG WebOs devices. Medyapin can also be used on any regular TV monitor paired with one of the many media devices.

Customer Support

Our team are always on hand to help advise on the best media player option for retail stores.

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Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We are very friendly and always open to discussing new projects.