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Link Medyapin to Over 1500 Apps

Bring whatever you want to your screens


Zapier has over 1500 available apps that are waiting for you to connect them with Medyapin. Google Calendar, Trello, Salesforce, HubSpot or Evernote are just some of the potential options available.

Zapier uses predefined scripts to provide most of the options available from the Medyapin API, without needing to have any programming knowledge.

Automate Your Content

Exchange and control data between Medyapin and thousands of apps

“If an event is created in Google Sheets, then display it on my screens” – No matter which app you want to associate with Medyapin, by using an if-then relationship you can instantly transfer an event within your app to your screens.

Your digital signage content will update independently and always stay up-to-date.

Usefull Example

Advertising that reacts to its environment

If it Rains Today, then Switch to Playlist \”Umbrella Offers\”. By connecting the Zapier Weather app and Medyapin, you can now automatically change your playlist based on the weather forecast. If the forecast is showing more than eight hours of sunshine, then sunscreen advertisements make more sense than umbrellas.

Looks like it is going to rain? Then highlight hot chocolate instead of homemade lemonade in your shop window. Automated dynamic playlists help you achieve an optimized advertising strategy.